y4astkoviu (y4astkoviu) wrote in ru_klukva_ru,

Рука помощи русскому народу от братского китайского!

Как две скалы, Россия и Китай
Стоят века над бурным океаном.
Шеньянский край и наш сибирский край
О том поют в дозоре постоянном.

He is carrying a vintage pistol manufactured by the Soviet Communist Party, not the indestructible shield made in USA. When President Obama visited China, he has protected his safety. And yes, this CAPTAIN CHINA was frozen during Mao’s era and reborn in the future. And surprisingly, you can get this horrible Chinese superhero comic book in Kindle edition at Amazon. We got a 12 pages preview here, LOL …

Tags: 4) Какая-то другая ягода, в) Комиксы
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